My Story

Hey everyone,

Well, this is me. My name at birth was Kristen, but many people call me Roxie as a nickname. I love both. I’m a southerner, raised in Georgia and Tennessee all my life. And Yes, I like sweet tea, jalapeno cornbread and biscuits. I am 22 years old and loving life. (Birthday March 6. Gifts accepted!)

God has graciously given me a call to go serve as a missionary in Cambodia for several months (6, as of right now). I love it here. The mission field is full of surprises, life-changing experiences and roller-coaster emotions. I hope to be involved in missions for the rest of my life, in whichever way the author of my story decides to write it. I love Jesus with all my heart. He is my rock. My refuge. My bride. And I want more of Him.

If I described myself in 3 words it would be…




There’s more to the story that I won’t share. My personality is displayed through my words. Read up. Comment. Ask Questions. I would love to start conversation through blogging.

Love in Him,


If you’d like to e-mail me (family, friends or none of the above), my e-mail is

My address for snail mail in Cambodia is:

P.O. Box 93214, Siem Reap, Cambodia      (there is no zip code)


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  1. Kristen, how are you doing? Just checking

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