a new home, please!

Recently I have been searching for a church to call “home” on Sundays. Somewhere that both Andrew and I can agree on, since we both equally desire to feel discipled when we are at church. We visited a church in Chattanooga, and really enjoyed the service, however, it’s so hard to get “plugged in” whenever your church is not in your hometown and especially when there is no building to house it, as this Chattanooga church is held in a school auditorium.

I started thinking about the whole “church” idea (i.e. What is church? Is there really a need for a building when even the Heavens are not large enough to hold Him? What is the purpose of going to church?)….  Although this has been a huge discussion among this argument of Jesus being “outside church walls”, I’ve realized the need for a building itself as a place for people to come and commune with other believers. I want to be involved like I used to be, because honestly, there isn’t enough mentorship in my life, and I know I’m young and have a lot to learn about the way of Jesus.

 I’d love to find a place where I feel I’m being spiritually fulfilled, educated, and also satisfied with the quality of the worship/teaching. I have to admit, I’m hard on worship leaders, and I can’t help but to be distracted when something technically goes wrong. It’s not that I want to pick people apart, it just happens and I get easily unfocused on what I’m doing and more focused on what’s going on. Does that happen to anyone else?

Anyway, if anyone finds a place that is not just trying to be trendy and aesthetically easy on the eyes to overcompensate for their lack of relevant Truth (woah, sorry I just got crazy), please let me know. I’m so ready for something real and a place to call home.


~ by Kristen Bell on July 20, 2009.

2 Responses to “a new home, please!”

  1. Your always welcome to come visit us at Grace Community Church, no pressure just a suggestion 🙂 while your looking…. and will be praying for you guys about this, been there before!

  2. Love the comment at the end, because it’s so true. It’s hard to find a place that meets a need instead of fulfilling a trend. But I do believe it can be done! After looking for a church to call home, I realized part of my inability to find it had to do with my perception. My church is far from perfect, but I understand more, each week, why it’s the place that God has drawn me too. I see leadership who are sincere and honest and people who geniunely love others. I’ll be praying for you to find the place God intends for you and Andrew to be! Love ya!

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