the rainclouds

As everyone knows, “times are tough” right now. People are losing their jobs, people can’t find jobs, more people than not are struggling to salvage their marriages (Jon and Kate Gosselin *sad sad sad*)… The list could go on and on. Sure, I’m in a tough spot, but so are thousands of other people. I’ve been back over a month and don’t have a job, but seriously, I believe God is in control. I have to be proactive and keep searching, but ultimately, He is gonna work it out.

Despite all the situations that suck right now, we have to recognize that our current situations will bring an awareness to our lives that we tend to neglect when everything is going right. That awareness is God’s concern for us, his children. When we are worry-free, we don’t give God enough credit for the stability He provides. When chaos swallows us up, we appreciate the small drops of hope God rains down.

Let’s continue to search for the good, the small glimmers of hope, the sensations of peace, and the love all around us.  I want to collect every little water droplet that falls from Heaven.


~ by Kristen Bell on June 23, 2009.

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