i have exciting news

A lot has been going on lately. Well, that’s an exaggeration. A lot of NOTHING has been going on lately. During my free time (which is currently 24hours/day) I’ve mostly been sitting around doing some job searching (failed attempt so far but God is in control), sleeping in, learning to play raquetball, brushing up on my tennis skills, going to the Y, and working on my cooking to expand my menu options.

I’ve honestly been really depressed. It’s begun to seep into every part of my life, and so I’ve been restless searching for answers. Recently, I got one….

Long story short, I’m enrolling in graduate school in the fall. I will be getting a double masters in Mental Health Counseling as well as School Counseling. This all came up in a mini-discussion with Andrew, my uber great boyfriend who sometimes talks sense into me, who suggested that I just enroll at Lee to which I replied, “they don’t have anything I want to study!” … immediately started eating words…

Anyway, I have been filling out the application and today I started writing my essay for my personal statement, and I started having revelations. I always said that I would love to work in a school, but I wasn’t quite cut out to teach… BAM school counseling. Affirmed. Then, I’ve always said I wanted to work with girls recovering from their rescue from being trafficked in the sex trade industry… BAM mental health counseling. Like, woah. How can two things that were straight in front of my face take me so long to recognize? The  more I think about it, the more and more confirmation I receive about this direction I’m taking.

So, I haven’t officially been accepted into the program, but I have high hopes. Monday, I am turning in most of my materials and hope to hear back within a week’s time. I’m still looking for a job, as I am going to work and go to school full-time (call me crazy, I know!). So, if you hear of anything that you think I would like (don’t be sendin’ me to no MACDONALDS!!), hit me up. 😉

To anyone searching. He is near. His timing is perfect, and if you’re seeking His will, you will find it.


~ by Kristen Bell on June 13, 2009.

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